My Tamagotchi Forever Mini-game Guide

As of right now, there are seven mini-games that are free to play, included in My Tamagotchi Forever. The point of these mini-games is not just entertainment for your Tamagotchi, but also a source of income. Isn’t that the dream? Playing games and making a living? Well with these tips you should be getting the most bangs, for your buck.

  • Band Practice. This mini-game is the best at earning coins for the least amount of effort. It may seem intimidating to try and keep up with tiles that are getting faster and faster, but it’s surprisingly easy. The reason why Band Practice is good for earnings is because of all the extra coins lying around while you play. At the end of every stage, there are a large number of yellow tiles. Each one of these tiles has a coin on top, so each tile will give you a coin. Not to mention there are bonus coins lying around between tiles which are easy pickings at the starting pace of the game. After a couple speed adjustments, you are sure to focus more on selecting the tiles then the spare coins.

  • Match 3. This type of game is all over the App Store and has been for years. It may say match three, but I assure you that if you just make matches of three you won’t make much money and you won’t set a high score. Match 3 is a great way to earn coins if you are smart with how you play. For example, the first two rounds have a relatively low score to aim for, which means if you make large combos you should save them for the next round. This way if you’re short of points you can use the large combos this round, or use them next round to give you a head start. Lastly, there is no time limit just a move limit so be patient and don’t waste your moves.

  • Hoops. This game has also been around for a long while, so I would approach it just the same as any basketball game. You get three lives when you start, and every time you miss the hoop you’ll lose a life. Which means at the start of the game you should be patient and accurate. Accuracy is rewarded by getting the ball through the hoop without touching the rim. If you manage to do this twice in a row you’ll receive a point bonus for your next shot. If you lose all three lives, the game will go into overtime where you have 10 seconds to land as many shots as you can. So I recommend going crazy for the last 10 seconds and launching as many shots as you can, this way you’ll be able to push for a high score every time.

  • Planet Hop. Planet Hop is a space-based high score chaser where the aim of the game is to hop onto as many planets as possible. While making these hops, you’ll be able to pick up coins between planets and while sitting on the planet’s surface. The trail of coins can act as a guide for you to aim for, so if you are ever unsure when to launch then follow the coins. Another tip to follow is to take the easy route. Often, two planets will be ahead, one close by and the other planet further away. Instead of aiming for the far planet, I recommend the safe launch to the planet closest to you.

  • Layer Cake. This game is the newest addition to My Tamagotchi Forever. All you have to do is press the screen when your cake is directly above the cake below. If you miss by any amount, then the excess of the cake is removed. Which means the more times you miss, the smaller the cake gets. This game is all about timing, there is no need to rush in fact rushing can often cost you the game. So stay patient, be accurate and the coins will come.

  • Doodle Pairs. This is actually quite a difficult game, a series of emojis spawn in the middle of the screen and you have to select the duplicates. After you select the duplicates, more and more emojis spawn but with fewer and fewer pairs. You only have 10 seconds to select a pair, and often enough the emojis look similar but aren’t actually a pair. So unless you have a natural skill at spotting pairs you may struggle at this mini-game.

  • Hide and Seek. This game is the least rewarding in terms of earning coins, but what it lacks in earnings it makes up for in entertainment value. All you need is to find a flat surface and a mini Tamatown will spawn in. You will then have to play hide and seek with the Tamagotchi’s by moving your phone around and looking between the trees and other objects in Tamatown. It’s not an easy game to play on the go; in fact, I would stay away from this one if you were out and about.

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